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About Us

Established in Tijuana, Mexico in 1986, Renovate Medical Center has been obtaining world class bariatric and plastic surgery for the past 29 years.​ Renovate Medical Center has become a trusted name in both local and surrounding communities. When choosing a surgeon for any medical procedure, the best indicators are the results the surgeon has achieved.

Provide medical and surgical services with the best quality and technology to meet the expectations of our patients, families, community and environment.


Surgical and non surgical procedures are performed at this clinic located at Tijuana in Mexico. The aim of the highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons and support staff is to enhance the appearance of patients and increase their confidence by performing procedures of a high standard. Overseas patients are welcomed and affordable procedures are performed in a state of the art facility. A detailed initial consultation is scheduled and the requirements of patients assessed before procedures are performed.

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Why us

Professional service

Our board-certified staff will provide the expert care your family deserves.


It is an attitude of the members of our company which is to offer the highest standard of quality in our services

A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel at home in our medical center

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