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Consultation Form

You will find below a one page form that will take you through the plastic surgery  consultation process. Click on the procedures that interest you and a list of itemized procedures will appear along with an area for you to attach digital photos.


We also need you to fill out the medical history form for the surgeon to review. In order for you to have the most accurate consultation from SSI we ask you to please take your time and provide as much information as possible as to your desires, goals, expectations and medical history.


Once the surgeon has reviewed everything, we will then request a best time to call you and discuss the surgeons recommedations and approved procedures so that any questions can be immediately discussed and a surgery plan can be approved. You will then receive a quote based on your consultation.


Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for choosing Renovate Medical center to help you with your plastic surgery journey.


Before filling out the Consultation Form, please make sure that you have:


1.- Digital Pictures to add (Consultation cannot be completed without pictures)


2.-Measuring Tape

Consultation Form | Breast Surgery

Consultation Form Breast Surgery

Consultation Form | Face Surgery

Consultation Form Face Surgery

Consultation Form | Body contouring

Consultation Form Body contouring

July 28, 2014

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