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 Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation

Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation is probably the most common form of this plastic surgery. This surgery is performed on woman who want to increase the size of their breasts. Silicone implants are inserted under the existing breast tissue to achieve the goal of bigger breasts. Breast reduction is another common procedure.


This surgery is performed on women who are naturally well-endowed, but feel their lives could be better lived with a little less breast tissue. To perform this operation, incisions are made and excess breast skin, fat and tissue are removed.


A breast lift is newer and increasingly popular kind of breast plastic surgery. This procedure is performed on women who want to lift sagging breasts. To perform this surgery, incisions are made so the surgeon can reshape the breasts by removing excess skin and reposition the remaining tissue and nipples

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How it Works

The breast augmentation is generally obtained through the insertion of prosthetic implants containing silicone gel. These implants can be of different shape and size depending on the desired end result.Our clinic only uses breast implants from the best brand available worldwide.


The implants are made of top quality silicone gel. The shape of the implants can either be round or anatomic. Anatomical implants are made to mimic the natural shape of the breast, especially the lower part of the breast.


However round implants are often preferred for significant cup increase. Our plastic surgeon will recommend the most appropriate implants for your particular case.Lipotransfer techniques may also be used in certain cases, which are based on the use of excess fat from other parts of the body, such as abdomen or thighs via liposuction.


These techniques can be used if the excess of fat is sufficient or if the enlargement is moderate.A breast augmentation can also be combined with a breast uplift. This can correct sagging breasts. Many women also combine a breast augmentation with a mini-abdominoplasty.

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